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Ezoic Ads (No Page Requirements)

Ezoic is amazing and it makes me a lot of money per month. Ezoic puts ads on your website and uses AI to figure out how to make the most money for you. They have to many benefits to name but we will do a blog post about it in the near future.

I recommend signing up for Ezoic as soon as you can since no page views are required and you will earn a huge amount more than Adsense.

JaSPER AI (10k extra credits w/ link below)

Jarvis is amazing, it can help when you have writer’s block or it can even write a full article for you! This AI does, even more, help with titles, emails, and sales copy.

Using my link will give you 10,000 free credits to try out Jarvis, I hope you enjoy it, and feel free to check out my YouTube channel Kevin Stats for more tutorials on Jarvis.

Surfer SEO

This tool is amazing too and I use it every blog that I write. It will help give me an idea of what is currently ranking and how I can overtake number 1. It has a lot of unique options that other tools don’t have.

You can put your URL in and search, it will help you with what keywords you should target and what groups of keywords you can target to get the main keyword to rise. Surfer SEO has a nice free trial, give it a try and watch some videos on how it works is best to be successful.

Siteground Web Hosting

I have used this hosting service for over a year and have been very happy with it. The support is amazing and I can always talk to someone in live chat. It’s important to choose a great hosting company because trust me it is a pain to transfer hosting companies.

I first used GoDaddy because I didn’t know they were just good for domain names, then I switched to Host Gator from a recommendation of others and still wasn’t happy. Finally, I landed on Siteground, now I am happy!

Popcorn Theme

If you are looking for an ultra-light theme that is designed specifically with bloggers in mind then this is the one for you. Created by Carl, WP Eagle, and Phil. Support is really fast and new features are being added regularly without slowing down the theme.

You can see the theme in action on my website Wild Fog and feel free to run speed reports, you will get high 90’s. To purchase the Popcorn theme click here.

Link Whisper Plugin

This plugin is really needed to save a lot of time and increase interlinking in your website. Interlinking is the most overlooked part of blogging. Anytime you create content you want to link it together.

Creating clusters of similar content really pushes it up in the rankings especially when you link them together with Link Whisper. At first I did this by hand but as I went and created more and more content it gets impossible to keep up with it, this tool will make it a lot easier!

Copyright Free Background Music

Having the correct music in the background of your videos or streams is very important. Why spend hundreds of dollars a year on this when you can get it free. That is why we recommend Stream Lofi.

Stream Lofi has multiple ways to listen to the music including YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Music to name a few. Please visit the site to see all the other options we offer.

Tube Buddy

TubeBuddy is the most needed resource to start your journey on YouTube. It has so many great features but none as important as the keyword explorer. If you want more information on this please watch my video explaining how TubeBuddy works.

Skillshare (14 day free trial)

Skillshare is amazing, most people think if they need to learn something YouTube is where it is at. Yes, YouTube is good with tutorials but when you want to do things like taking classes with exercises as you go then Skillshare is amazing. I have used it a lot for multiple Adobe courses.

Adobe Software

I use the full Adobe suite of software. It is the best but it is not the cheapest. You don’t have to purchase the full suite like I do you can just use one or two programs. The main ones are Adobe Photoshop (image editing) and Adobe Premiere (video editing).



To become a YouTuber will take lots of persistence and drive. You will need to learn everything there is but you don’t have to do it all at one time. Pick one thing to improve on in each video and in time you will see your skills improving than the audience growing.




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