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Stream Lofi

Having the correct music in the background of your videos or streams is very important. Why spend hundreds of dollars a year on this when you can get it free. That is why we recommend Stream Lofi.

Stream Lofi has multiple ways to listen to the music including YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Music to name a few. Please visit the site to see all the other options we offer.

Progamer Stories

This was the first site I was extremely passionate about but still one I tested out. The site overall did decent and gets maybe 100 views a day but no new articles are posted.

If you would like a link from the site you can submit a gaming related post to me that is relevant and if written well I will post it on ProGamerStories. Feel free to email it to and mention what it is about.

Helpful Tutorials

I have a YouTube channel (listed below) for Helpful Tutorials so I also decided to make this website. It is a tutorial channel for iPhone tips and tricks.

This website, Helpful Tutorials is also open for posts. If you create a well-written, related article I will post it on the site for you. Just mention it in the email and you can send it to

Request Writers

If you are a skilled writer looking to earn extra money or someone looking to order content then Request Writer is the right place for you. You can sign up to be a writer or to order content. The new writers will go through a process to start. Any writer with the “Pro” label is Request Writer certified.

Best Playground Sets

Best Playground Sets is a newer website I created in the niche of backyard playground. I decided to share the site since it is extremely competitive and the ad money at this point is on the lower end. I don’t recommend others join this niche but I do enjoy it so for me it’s good.

I have discovered a lot of sites like the one I want to create which was a bit disheartened but I still truck on as Best Playground Sets is a long-term project for me. I do have another niche site that does very well but I don’t share that niche.

Shielded VPN

I created a white-labeled VPN service with Shielded VPN. The site doesn’t generate enough traffic due to poor SEO which I spoke about in this video. However; the site does work very well and is fully automated with low overhead costs. For now, I will keep the website up. Even though it gets 7-10 visitors a day I still do generate orders.

I have put a lot of work into Shielded VPN and I think the customers notice this when they join.


This is where it all started, I added a few videos for fun and noticed I got a few subscribers then never looked back. Though it is not the main focus as it once was I do still add content when I come up with ideas. I may go back to it but it’s nice to take a break after 5 years.

This YouTube channel, Kevinsmak has earned me a silver play button with over 100k subscribers and about 30,000,000 views. This channel is to help increase your gaming experience with fixes and improvements in games.

Helpful Tutorials

I created this channel because I have a very strong knowledge of the iPhone as I have been tech support for them for many years of my life in multiple jobs. I once was the only point person for a staff of 300 and all of them had an iPhone. I have literally set up thousands of iPhones in my time.

Due to this, I thought it would be a great channel to start so I started Helpful Tutorials YouTube channel and did tutorials on things I knew about the iPhone. It has become increasingly hard to create new videos as I have done so many of the issues iPhone faces there are not many more I can think of.


Kevinstats was made for fun. I love YouTube and making websites but I have NO ONE TO TALK ABOUT IT WITH! It drives me crazy so I figured I would make videos to keep myself accountable and talk through things. A lot of times when I have issues just talking about it in a video will help me think of a way to improve my issues.

The channel Kevinstats is growing nicely and I really enjoy the content. My stats are 4 times better than my Kevinsmak channel and 2 times better than Helpful Tutorials channel. It just goes to show when you are truly patinate about something others can tell!

Kevinsmak Plays

I like to play games so I run a streaming channel where I stream 12+ hours a week. It’s a lot of fun and it’s my relaxing time with close friends that have grown with me through the years.

I have streamed for over 5 years but only about 1 year on Kevinsmak Plays but we average around 15 viewers and we have a good time!



As of today, this is how I am working. I put everything into my education and websites. YouTube is great and it helped me go full time but now it isn’t working as well as website creation is. I love the fact that I can edit the content after it’s posted and YouTube just doesn’t have that feature.