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How To Setup Ezoic

how to setup ezoic Step by step

Ezoic has recently dropped its minimum 10,000 sessions per month requirement!

What are the Ezoic requirements

Now that the 10,000 sessions have been dropped you can sign up for Ezoic much earlier. From experience you still must have a decent amount of content, I would recommend at least 10 articles and the following to get approved for Ezoic:

  • Adhere to Google’s Ad Policy.
  • Track record of identifiable traffic.
  • Content should be original.
  • If you possess an existing Google AdSense or Ad Manager account, it must be in good standing with Google

This basically means you need to have some traffic coming in and if you have AdSense/Ad Manager you have to be in good standing.

You can sign up at any time and submit your website when ready. Ezoic does so much for you and you will even benefit more from Ezoic Premium in the future, and adding more sites increases your revenue.

I am making a solid income from my sites with Ezoic, here is a video that shows you all about my earnings.

how to setup ezoic

I wish I could say getting started with Ezoic was easy but truth be told it does take some work to get set up. It’s one of those things that you just have to push through to really flip your income.

For me Ezoic has helped out in the following ways:

  • Earning a lot more money.
  • Easier to control ads than AdSense.
  • So many extra ways to make income and improve your website.
  • The Ezoic support team has been amazing for support, responded to me every time within 12 hours even on weekends!

Pro Tip: If you are unsure about Ezoic you can set it up and have it only place ads on a percentage. If you pick 50% that means 50% of the ads will be Ezoic and the other 50% will be AdSense for example.

Since Ezoic can be very tricky to set up I have broken it down in a full video for you. The first thing you want to do is sign up for Ezoic and then follow the video to get your site on board.

If you have multiple sites start with your best site first.

How do you place ezoic ads

To place Ezoic ads it’s best to use the Ezoic Chrome plugin, make sure to get this plugin as there is an older one that is no longer used. I do show you how to place the ads above in the video.

At first, you want to place a lot of ads. Ezoic uses machine learning to find what ads work best for your site and earn you the most money.

That is why Ezoic is so profitable!

The average time it takes is about 30-45 days unless your website gets a lot of traffic then it will learn even faster. It doesn’t stop there, it will continue to learn more and more ad the site exists which may increase EPMV.

EPMV means “Earning Per Thousand Visitors”. Meaning how much your site will earn per 1,000 views. Here is an example of how my site did at the start, my EPVM is now around $20-$38.

Ezoic EPMV

is ezoic better than adsense

This is my personal opinion but I’m going to say one million times better. It’s not even close.


  • Always changing how to set things up.
  • Pays next to nothing.
  • No support, they send you to the forums.


  • In my first week I made more with Ezoic than I did in my lifetime with AdSense.
  • Once you learn everything it has so many more features.
  • Great support you can contact.

how to increase earnings with ezoic

There are so many different ways to increase earnings with Ezoic and they just keep adding more. Always test the new features when they come you really never know what new features will bring in a lot more money.

An example of this is now Ezoic offers video ads with your personal videos. You want to make the video related to the webpage you attach it to.

Ezoic will show pre-roll video ads before your video and if the video is long in the middle or at the end as well. This will add even more money to your wallet.

Here are some types of ads they offer:

  • Video
  • Sticky Sidebar
  • In Image
  • Vignette Ads
  • Interstitual

These are extra ways to make more money with Ezoic ads. You have the option to enable or disable them on mobile, desktop, and tablet.

For more information on how to increase Ezoic Earnings faster, there is a video below that will walk you through all the tricks I know. This will raise your EPMV but remember it takes time for the AI to learn and it also depends on the time of the year.

At the end of every 3 months, the ad revenue drops everywhere because it is a new quarter because of this April 1st will be a lot lower than March 31st. July 1st will be a lot lower than June 30th.

In just a bit of time, the ad revenue will increase as companies budget for the next quarter and get that all set up.


Ezoic has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. I stand by the company and I plan to be with them for life…I don’t say something like that easily.

If you would like to join, you can use my link to sign up for Ezoic and I will earn a commission which allows me to keep creating Ezoic updated content and beta feature information as it’s available.

Thank you.