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Creating an Affiliate Website

Creating an affiliate website step by step | Everything recorded

This blog post is going to help you create an Amazon affiliate website step by step with nothing left out. There are lots of these tutorials but has anyone recorded every time they worked on the website and posted it?

Well here it is, the site was created in early August 2021. The plan is to take everyone from the creation of the site all the way to the end and sale of the site and be open about everything.

With that said let’s get started!

Choosing a niche

First, we have to choose a niche and this is one of the most important things. If you pick a bad niche the site is destined to fail.

Here are some things you should think of before choosing a niche for Amazon:

  • Product cost $100 or more.
  • Check to make sure there isn’t a lot of competition.
  • Make sure it’s something that interest you.

It’s very important that the topic interests you. If it’s something that is very bland and boring then it doesn’t matter how much you can make if you can’t get yourself to make the content itself.

When picking a niche I would avoid the following as I learned from them. After a few successful websites maybe you can take a shot at these.

  • Gaming – Ads pay very low
  • Finance – Tricky niche, gain experience first
  • VPN – Extrentremly competitive
  • Technology – Extrentremly competitive

Above are some hard lessons I have learned as I do have a gaming site: which I thought would be very successful. It would tell the story of the pro gamer and show Amazon links to their equipment.

The site gets about 100 visitors a day and my EMPV with Ezoic is around $8, I get a $40 sale about once every 60 days or so if I’m lucky. VPN is another very competitive niche, I have not just created a site called Shielded VPN but partnered with a VPN service.

With automation we were able to have everything setup automatically through the backend of the website. The issues were people need a lot of help with these things and I didn’t want to go back to a customer support job.

Google started to like my site but then I made a few changes and it decided to stop recommending it all together. I had some YouTube videos that averaged about 30-70 views a day and that lead into a trickle of about 10 visitors.

Even though I kept improving the site with lots of helpful articles, guides, and even video for setup it was just to much of a headache.

I rather have a site where I create articles and it generates an income without me doing much but maintaining the site, so now it’s all about affiliate websites.

Below is my video on how I picked a niche for this case study. This one was different as I had 3 great domain names and I wanted to come up with a niche from that. I found a good one too.

The cost of a website

There will always be costs when making a good website but you should try to keep them as low as you can and save your money for content. Content is king after all.

Here are some items that may cost money:

  • Hosting
  • Theme
  • Plugins
  • Keywords
  • Content
  • Backlinks

With that said let’s break these down.


When it comes to hosting it took me awhile to find the right place. First I tried…yeah you know the one that always had the hot girls on the superbowl ads… GoDaddy.

GoDaddy is great for domain names but there hosting is absolutely terrible. I’m very surprised they haven’t changed this over the years.

Next, I went by WP Eagle’s recommendation which was Host Gator. Better than GoDaddy but speeds were still slow, ok support but there backend was missing lots of things.

Instead of me doing them myself they wanted you to contact support, that’s annoying if you just need to do a quick task.

Finally I found Siteground. Siteground is very solid and they offer a great discount for the first year. Most blogs take about 9 months to start earning so this is great it will help pay the addition when it’s time if all goes well.

Another great thing about them is they let you make as many websites as you want. I am always chasing that next shiney project and this makes it a lot better.

If you are interested in a great discount I am also an affiliate of site ground. Get the Siteground Deal here.

Other than content this will be the largest expense early on unless you buy an expensive domain name.


With the new website which is WildFog I was given a new theme to try out and I must say I’m impressed with the performance of it. Core vitals are very solid and better than the usual free theme I use which is Base WP.

The theme is a one cost price and then you have it forever, if you are interested you can get the Popcorn theme here.


At this time all the plugins I use are free. There are some future ones that will cost some money like Link Whisper and AAWP.

These can be purchased after we get a decent amount of content on the site.


Keywords are huge. If you get the wrong keywords your site will never get organic traffic from google and this is how so many fail at the start.

I have done many websites with not targeting keywords and there they sit, not getting much traffic at all. The way I finally got out of this was to hire someone to do the keyword research for me.

I went with Carl, he’s a great down to earth guy and is amazing at keyword research. If you are just starting a website his service is recommended for the first 25-100 keywords depending on your niche.

He will let you know when he can’t get anymore but the first few batches man do those rank if you do the content right. You can find Carl’s service on his website Keyword care.


Content is king! I have multiple websites and I only have two writers with one of them being myself.

My writer is amazing and that is all he does full time and he is available if you are interested. Here is my writer Babu’s writing service.


If you are looking to purchase backlinks that will also cost money but most people don’t build them in the first 6 months as the site is not getting any traffic and this can look a bit fishy. I’m currently testing a place for them but I do not currently have anyone I am recommending yet.

I go over a lot of what is above and show you even more in the video, if you would like to see what my total costs were they are calcuated below.

creating the website

After you have purchased everything that is needed to start the website it’s time to get started! Oh wait you don’t know how to use wordpress? It’s ok, it can be a bit overwhelming but I like to think of it similar to a phone.

Yes, a smartphone if they still call them that.

You have wordpress which is your operating system think of it like iOS or Android. This is where most of the stuff is done and it is always being updated so it can do more on it’s own, just like Apple and Google.

If you need to do something that is not available on the phone what would you do? You would download an app, well wordpress is basically the same thing but instead of apps they call them plugins.

It’s the same idea, you can add and remove these whenever you would like.

I’m sure this can still seem tough so I actually made a video setting up a wordpress site from scratch on Siteground so you can see all the steps that are needed. This video was a tough and long one to create but I feel it is very beneficiary and should tell you everything you need to know.


There are lots of steps in setting up an affiliate website but the best thing to do is just get started. If you can afford something like this and have something you are passionate about it will definatelly help.

This blog post is not complete and will continue to have more stuff added to it as I have more videos released teaching you everything from the start to the completion of creating an affililate website.

Once the website is up and running you will be able to start earning some money. It’s a good idea to sign up for Ezoic so when it’s time you can just add it to your website and start seeing that revenue come in.

Thank you.